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Klimawandel - Hitze und Duerre

Climate Change?

by Kip Supernova

It's the hottest summer since 1881! Now the question is: is this climate change? Some say yes, some say no. There have always been hot summers, but it is very noticeable that we have more and more weather extremes in recent years. There was the extremely cold winter 2011/2012, now these tropical conditions in the middle of Europe. It is so hot that agriculture and industry are seriously worried: food supply on the one hand, the problem of cooling machinery and equipment in nuclear power plants on the other.
It is a fact that the use of fossil fuels for energy production is gradually warming up the climate, the greenhouse effect seems to be getting worse and worse. In addition, the CO2 released in this extreme heat in car exhaust gases causes an increase in the ozone content in the air, mainly in cities and urban centers.
What can you do? I consider this heat to be worrying, but no reason to panic and see climate change as the end of the world.
He will come, there is no doubt about it, but we can slow him down, or we will have to adapt, for better or worse. It does not mean the end of the world, but a long-term dramatic change in our lives.

1. Food becomes more expensive, this mainly concerns cereal products and e.g. Products like french fries

2. Rise of ozone, especially in cities

3. Cancer risk increases due to the stronger UV radiation

4. People with cardiovascular problems suffer

What options there are to counter or adapt to climate change, I will discuss in one of my next article.



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