Kip Supernova


3D Computer Graphic Art by Kip Supernova

Kip Supernova

[Kip Supernova]

Smart Baabian citizen and my Avatar on Planet Baab. Created by Saad Ajmal with ZBrush and Poser.

Baab Aliens



[02] Species and skin colour : Baabian and Blue

[03] Gender and Age: Male and 11 Baab Years (1 Baab year = 2,1 Earth Years)

[04] Work: Student for Cypernetic and Quantum Science

[05] Food and Drinks: Pizza and Dark Planet Cola

[06] Family: Gary and Kira Supernova (Parents), Scrotch Supernova (Uncle), Kiku Supernova (Cousin and his Mentor at the University)

[07] Friends: NAO the Robot, the family, Kiku and also Quim the robotic expert.

[08] Why is Kip not wearing clothes during the Quantum Experiment?
Kip wears a special suit to pretect him from radiation. It looks like n... but it isnĀ“t. The Grey Aliens for example do it same.

[09] Music and Games: Epic Science Fiction, Space and Fantasy Music. Kip loves Splatoon and Mystery Roleplay PC Games

[10] Books: All about science, technology and science fiction. Kip also loves Comics and fantasy stuff.

Baab Aliens
Baab Aliens

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