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Kip Supernova

Hitzewelle und Duerre -

Hottest Summer in Germany (2018)

by Kip Supernova

It is the hottest summer of the last ten years. Just today, the thermometer here rose to 38 ° C, the swimming pools are overcrowded (at least those that were not closed), and even nuclear power plants are now down their performance, as it is feared that the cooling water is no longer cool enough , In addition, farmers are worried about their crops. Especially the last two episodes are no small thing: A power plant that threatens to be completely shut down due to a heatwave, otherwise in the worst case an accident will follow and if harvest losses mean that food shortages should be cause for concern! Of course, many will say now: that's the climate change! And ... yes, I think that's true. Sure, we've always had "very hot summers", they've always been around, but the heatwaves kept on increasing from year to year. And in addition to crop failures, the number of patients and deaths is increasing dramatically.
Cause of the current heatwave

1. Especially in large cities, the heat accumulates through dense buildings. Roads and facades store the heat and release it slowly.

2. Tropical air reaches Europe

3. The ongoing climate change caused by the use of fossil fuels.

Consequences of the current heat:

1. First nuclear power plants have to shut down their power.

2. Loss of harvests. There will be a rise in food prices.

3. Increased number of illnesses and also deaths caused by the heat.

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