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Kip Supernova

Daten Netzwerke

Social Network and Politics

by Kip Supernova

Digital technologies, and in particular the social networks like Facebook or Twitter, have long ceased to be exclusively nerds or scientists interested in technology: it also affects politics, and even if it does not suit everyone, our behavior on the Internet also influences political events , now determines which parties receive attention and are ultimately chosen. If you used to wait for the newspaper or news, you will now be informed in real-time via apps on the smartphone about who died, where a bomb exploded or the lightning hit. Also, our opinion has changed: plate Stammtisch slogans are now spread on the Internet almost anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. Insane conspiracy theories, political extremes gain listeners, readers, followers as quickly and easily as never before. Especially the issue of freedom of expression and ostracism of censorship is a tricky thing: Because the authors can with one mouse click, if necessary, their opinion "recall", but also delete comments from other people and even make them mundertod by blocking functions. Even on e.g. Facebook pages of known German parties delete unwanted comments and block their creators. This is censorship, and incompatible with the basic values ​​of the German state, nevertheless it is done. My suggestion would be that social platforms - especially the biggest, Facebook - counteract this trend and make a difference. Here are my suggestions for changes in political action on Facebook (or other social networks):

1. Profile pages of politicians and parties must be confirmed in terms of their accuracy. It should be a real district association, club, etc. behind a page, because a party logo and coats of arms of a community can theoretically find any child through Google and create their own page.

2. Pages that speak on behalf of a political movement, association, association or party should be limited in their freedom to delete comments. Only massive insults, spam or pornography should be immediately erasable.

3. Pages of both politicians and parties should submit and substantiate an application to the website operator (e.g., Facebook, Google Plus, etc.) to block other users. A comment like "I see it differently, I do not think that climate protection is a waste of money." should not be a reason for blocking.

Our society lives by the freedom of expression. And political movements, of whatever kind, have to live with the fact that there is an opposition and opinions other than theirs. Citizens whose opinions do not suit you, just muzzling them, is anti-democratic and a contradiction to our core values. In real life, democracy must be defended just as much as in cyberspace.

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