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Artificial Intelligence at Deutsche Bahn - Will Schaffner Soon Become Superfluous?
by Kip Supernova

This question has been in the room for some time now: do not we have to show our ticket soon if we take the train? Tickets have been around for a while now at counters or on the internet. Timetables and information on delays, special trains, connecting, construction sites, etc. are available via apps. Hardly anyone looks at the data printed on paper, who owns a smartphone, has in extreme cases the timetable, the "route agents" and even the ticket stored in his pocket digitally.

Now it is planned that artificial intelligence coupled with sensors and, of course, access to the internet will also make even the last ticket inspectors and even conductors superfluous. In a few years, probably not even a real, living human sitting in the driver's cab, but a computer that controls the train through the countryside. For the train that would be a huge advantage, because: At WEM, then the passengers should complain about delays, fancy air conditioning or other annoyances?

I see a train in the year 2030 something like this: You climb comfortably in his train. At the door are sensors that automatically scan your smartphone and search for the ticket. If you do not have one - no problem! The train sensors and the train robots have access to your mobile phone number and your phone provider at the same time on your smartphone, so that the travel costs are simply on your next mobile bill. Or be charged completely automatically from your account. The computer simply records when you got in and out. This eliminates annoying card controls, ticket machines or cash.

BUT: What if you forget your smartphone? Or does not have any? Are all Bahn customers forced to register with the Deutsche Bahn using a smartphone and an app? Who does not have an account, can not ride? That sounds unfair? Well: who, for example, does not have an Amazon account, can not shop at Amazon, and who wants to train, just have to have a train account. Tickets are superfluous per se: sensors and software register every inch of the train or bus. Then: good ride! PEPPER or NAO may serve drinks and snacks for train travelers in the future. I look forward to it.


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